I've Missed You

It's not abnormal for things to take a REALLY LONG TIME to move forward in the film world. And for us, we're just talking on a small local scale. Can you imagine how long the huge productions/studios have to take to finish a final product? 

Oh wait. They have money. So no excuses!

The pilot has finally been shot, edited and finalized. We have submitted it to tons and tons of festivals. By "we", I really meant Oscar. This project started with Oscar, and though he is the core of the project, he treats all of us as the core. We're a team, and we're going to keep supporting each other until we get where we want to be. 

Due to festival restrictions, we are not allowed to screen our finished product until it's completed its run in festival circuit. I am truly thrilled to announce though, that we have become an official selection in several festivals. To name a few...

Largo Film Awards 

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase

Ouchy Film Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Los Angeles Cinefest 

Ithaca Asian Film Festival

Houston Asian Film Festival

We've even won best screenplay and best actor for Oscar Seung so far. 

I am so proud of everyone and all of their hardwork! Tonight, Oscar, Andrew and I will be reuniting to represent American Dynasty the Series at the Houston Asian Film Festival. Wish us luck and we hope to see even more success come from festivals!


XO Regina

3...2...1...Indiegogo Launching

It's official! The Indiegogo Campaign has been launched. I am thrilled for this day because it means a full month's journey of crazy marketing and hope that my team and me reach our carefully budgeted goal of $20,000 to shoot this pilot episode. 

Please take a moment to check out the campaign. It was a fun shoot and we mean every word we say. 

Click HERE to donate!!!! We really appreciate your contributions and all your support. It means so much to us.

You know I'll be back to update you with the latest and greatest. 

I have to add that today I had an audition where the casting director asked me what my signature dance move was. If any of you have seen 30 Rock, then you've seen Liz Lemon's killer dance moves. I totally rocked that out at my audition (If we get enough donations, maybe I'll post a vid of my moves!). Nobody likes to be embarrassed, so every time I try something new or uncomfortable I am scared out of my wits. Eventually I wondered what WOULD happen if I just did the so-called "embarrassing" thing - how WOULD people react? 

As cliche as it sounds, I danced like nobody was watching. It felt awesome. And they loved it. I think... But truly, what they felt didn't matter that much anymore -  I feel awesome doing my embarrassing things.  You should give it a try, make a fool out of yourself! You might be in for a surprise.


XO Regina

Finding the Light

It's Friday, and we're rolling into a lovely holiday weekend. 

That only means - more pre-production work for us! Our key team will be having weekly conference calls to discuss production items. I've always been a fan of early preparation. The sooner we lock down what we need, the better off we will be come production time. We are in search of a fantastic editor and a gaffer. Please reach out if you are one, or know of one.

Producing a film project is very difficult. It involves everything that any business startup would involve: capital, analyzing skills, organizational skills, constant communication, discussions, hiring/firing and more. I find it rather exhilarating to be honest. I am giving up so much of my time and resources to get this project up and running and I am beyond excited! This project started with Oscar Seung and he found me - online! (While searching to cast one of the roles, of course). We hit it off as a team really well from the get-go and I'm proud to fight for him and his project every second of the day. Sometimes in life, it doesn't matter what the world thinks of an idea - if you believe in it, quit doubting and just go for it. That's what I did. That's what I do. Everyday. 

 The teaser has received very positive feedback. I am so pleased for this and hope that we continue to have this positive feedback as we roll into the Indiegogo campaign. Oscar and I have just wrapped up filming the campaign video and we cannot wait to release it in two weeks. 

I hope everyone finds something in their life they can be this passionate about. I really do. Because when you do, all the work you put in is nothing but a blessing. 


XO Regina

Teaser Launch

Early this week, we will be launching our teaser! 

The seemingly short but very intriguing display of our project concept. It's incredible how much work it takes to make such a short piece, but it is ultimately well worth it. Film and commercial projects are sometimes misunderstood as easy-to-do or anyone-can-be-an-actor; it really is not.

 The Hang Sibling Actors: Andrew Yun, Olivia Emile, Oscar Seung & Regina Ting Chen

The Hang Sibling Actors: Andrew Yun, Olivia Emile, Oscar Seung & Regina Ting Chen

It takes multiple takes, lighting positions, environment awareness, selective talent choices, audio enhancement, smart editors and much, much more to create something so beautifully visible and interesting to view for the audience in the world. I wish I could tell you more in-depth knowledge to the science of filmmaking, but I can't - I'm only one ingredient (an actress) to the masterpiece. What I can tell you, is what I have observed through years of being on different types of sets and productions. Filming is not easy nor quick task. It probably never will be - but that's the beauty of it. All that hard work, for one ultimate masterpiece. 

Please leave comments or send us feedback on the teaser once it's up. We would love to hear from you!!!

XO Regina

Game Time

It's official! Our website and social media have been launched for the rest of the world to see, and become involved with our project American Dynasty, the Series. We have received such incredible responses in the past few days and hopefully will continue to do so as we progress through the funding and production stages. 

One of our more important tasks is to keep the audience as informed and aware about our project as we can. By that-we mean, we are transparent. What we do, where the funding goes, visuals of the product - we want to make that readily available for YOU so that you never have to wonder what is going on. 

I want to give a shout out to all filmmakers out there who take a production from beginning to end. This is NOT an easy task. The team has to come together to build, strategize and create simultaneously. We're taking endless hours of our own time, money out of our own pockets and constant in-person and Skype meetings to lift a project, even an idea, off the ground. We have united independent talent from all across Texas to get this Texas production up and running soon. We hope to exceed your expectations, and nothing less. 

Cheers to hardwork, laughter and tears - it's game time!

XO Regina

That Adrenaline Rush

Well the siblings got together this weekend, along with our wonderful crew, especially DP Stephen Keller, and completed filming the American Dynasty concept trailer. 

Now on to editing…coloring…and then BAM, it'll appear on your monitor, tablet or phone screen! 

I can't say there was one set day that was better than the other. Every time I am on set, I'm in love with the cast, the crew and the story. I literally cannot sleep the night before, ice my puffy eye bags when i get up in the morning, get dressed and hop into my car to head to set. As soon as I pull up and start seeing the team, my heart races, adrenaline rushes and I walk in with full force happiness and excitement to get stuff done!

In life - it's hard to find work that you really can love unconditionally and want to wake up excited for - day after day. I feel so fortunate to have found a project that I feel this passionate about, and I feel even more fortunate that the entire team is so harmonious. 

 The Cast Siblings: Andrew Yun, Olivia Emile, Oscar Seung & Regina Ting Chen

The Cast Siblings: Andrew Yun, Olivia Emile, Oscar Seung & Regina Ting Chen

I can't wait to see the takes come together. I must say, however, that we might have enough bloopers to produce and complete a comedy short film. Just saying. Cheers!

XO Regina

Plums, aren't they just so irresistible?

Hello World, it's Vivian Han. Actually that's my character's name - rumor has it that she is played by an actress named Regina Ting Chen. ;-)

My big brother told me that I may go ahead and start talking about myself here.

He's not really my big brother but it sure does feel like it. In fact, I feel attached to all my siblings in this series. That's how magical the foundation of the series is to me and how harmonious each of our ambitions are to dive into these characters and common issues our immigrated families, and families we know, go through everyday. 

Every family is dysfunctional; every person thinks that their family is the MOST dysfunctional. And in this series, my siblings and I, open heartedly cut into the many feels that every dysfunctional family goes through - laughter for no reason, random tears at trees, an identity crisis, the endless hope to self-preserve by the destruction of those closest to us, the ability to find light when everyone is against you - the list goes on. 

American Dynasty, the series, is much like a plum. 

You will crave it, even though you never really know whether that plum will turn out sweet or sour. And in some cases, a little bit of both. But that's okay, because you want that juicy plum, and you're going to find out which end of taste spectrum it falls on. 

Welcome to American Dynasty. Welcome to the Han family. Grab a plum and enjoy the show.

XO Regina

Trailer is coming soon...

Thank you for checking out our site!

We're so thrilled you took the time to learn a little bit about us and what we're trying to do. Be on the look out for the American Dynasty trailer! In the meantime, shoot us a message on our contact page, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Follow us and we'll follow you back! 

Each week, we'll write a quick blog post about the characters, the progress of production and/or what audiences can expect to see in the first season. If you have any questions, shoot us a message!